Now save interest costs with a debt rescheduling!

Average loan interest rates in Switzerland are still very high at around 12%. However, this does not mean that you have to be satisfied with the interest rate on the loan taken out. Thanks to targeted debt rescheduling, many borrowers can massively reduce their borrowing costs – without any fees and with little effort.


Take a loan and know its interest rates

Take a loan and know its interest rates

Have you recently taken out a loan and had to settle for an interest rate of 12.5% ​​or even 13.9%? At the time of graduation, this offer was the only one that was made to you and you were forced to accept? – You don’t have to put up with it forever. With a debt rescheduling on a new loan with lower interest rates, you can significantly reduce your interest costs over the entire term of the loan. We are talking about big savings for you.

A few facts:

  • You can repay your loan at any time without fees  and without having to pay the interest for the remaining term (this is determined in the Swiss Consumer Credit Act). – You can therefore reschedule at any time free of charge  .
  • Because you have already paid several monthly installments of your loan on time, you appear to the credit banks to be a proven good customer. A renewed credit check in most cases results in a better result, with a lower interest rate offer.
  • With just one request to LiteLenders you can cover the whole market. We will find the best offers for you –  free of charge and without obligation.

The interest costs are particularly important for longer terms. Here is an example: With a debt rescheduling for a customer we were able to save USD 3,535. And that with a constant monthly rate. Our customer now even has a shorter remaining term and will be debt free 7 months earlier. Before that, it had an interest rate of 11.9%. The new loan bears interest at 7.9%. This example is based on a loan of USD 25,000 over a term of 60 months. A specific offer naturally depends on a new credit check.


Are you also interested in a free assessment of your personal savings potential?


Then  fill out our application right  away, send us the necessary documents and can choose from the current offers in just a few days – and hopefully save real money!

It is important to us that you understand the following:

  • If you reschedule your debt, your creditworthiness and creditworthiness will be checked again with current data.
  • Every credit bank has its own criteria. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the interest or the successful credit check.
  • A rejected credit check is saved on the ZEK and can have a negative impact on a future credit check. We try to actively prevent this for our customers by carefully selecting the credit banks.

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